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Chief Accounting Officer


Baltimore, MD / Washington DC Metro

Company Description:

Our client is a real estate operator whose 150 employees have a 25-year track record of capitalizing on durable insights into the supply and demand of real assets through the global supply chain. They build and invest in value-added business platforms that have a proprietary position in their markets, source investments with favorable supply/demand dynamics and bring intense focus to operating results. The firm currently manages over $3B+ AUM in assets through three logistics-oriented private equity fund series.

Position Description:

This position is responsible for managing all aspects of the accounting function from transaction processing to the preparation of external investor and lender reporting prepared in accordance with US GAAP and IFRS.   This position has the following duties related to its key areas:

  1. Serve as the ultimate “owner” of the quality of the accounting department deliverables, including the people, processes and technology used to support their generation. This responsibility includes, but is not limited to the following:
    • Ensure efficient and effective transaction processing, through leveraging systems’ functionality, process redesign and reengineering, and documented and clear SOPS to ensure that financial information is maintained in a quality manner, is accurate, timely and complete and in accordance with GAAP and/or IFRS and company policies.
    • Develop more efficient and/or more effective ways to organize, deliver, or consolidate work products ensuring effective use of information systems, process redesign and/or reengineering and/or available information.
    • Meet with internal and external users of department information to ensure their needs are being adequately and appropriately met.
    • Plan oversee and manage all external reporting processes to ensure timely delivery of financial information.
    • Plan, oversee and manage the external audit process, including drafting of financial statements and/or new footnotes to financial statements.
    • Resolve and document technical accounting issues related to both existing and prospective accounting standards.
    • Work to develop and/or refine a consistent set of metrics.
    • Stay abreast of best practices in financial reporting through various resources and bring forward recommendations for changes to our existing investor reporting.
    • Work as a partner with the business teams to provide complete, reliable and accurate information.
  2. Demonstrate a strong working knowledge of the company’s business, including fund structures and the Company’s corporate organizational structure to be able to identify and bring forward issues that could impact the Company’s operations, reporting, tax reporting and/or tax strategies:
    • Understand the Company’s consolidated operating performance “picture” to ensure decisions are made in the context of the Company’s consolidated objectives.
    • Understand and recognize potential REIT/UBTI issues.
    • Have a strong working knowledge of the properties.
      • Understanding of key agreements (lease, ground lease, debt, partnership, etc.) and the risks.
      • Ensuring that all return and investor performance metrics are calculated correctly.
      • Key performance indicators.
  3. Has the primary responsibility for the adequacy of the internal controls and owns the resolution of any control deficiencies identified during the annual audit process. This means ensuring that internal controls are designed effectively and are working properly or redesigned to address noted control deficiencies.
  4. Play a leading role in the management and strategic direction of the department including, but not limited to the following:
    • Work with the CFO to develop, implement and continually revise the department strategy.
    • Oversee and direct specific initiatives for the department.
    • Assess organizational structure and personnel to stay ahead of company’s needs.
    • Work with the CFO to develop personnel management and career development strategies for the Division.
    • Oversee the design and use of the Company’s SharePoint site.


The qualified candidate must have the following attributes:

  • At least 15 years of accounting/business management experience and at least 5 years of experience in the operations of private equity real estate firm.
  • Bachelor’s degree in accounting and be a CPA.
  • Well-versed in the application of US GAAP and IFRS.
  • Well-developed analytical skills.
  • Organized and attentive to details.
  • Effective and proven project management skills.
  • Effective manager of staff.
  • Effective communicator (both oral and written) and be able to communicate with all staff and executive levels within the organization.
  • Engage others (that they don’t directly supervise) to actively participate in projects.
  • Work effectively as a team member and a team leader.
  • Motivate, lead and develop staff.

To learn more about this position, contact: David Fischer | (770) 727-0299 |