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Raleigh, NC

Company Description:

Our client is, at its heart, a services business, providing traditional real estate services like property management, project leasing, tenant representation and brokerage, project management and facilities management. It has a regional footprint, with 11 offices across the Southeast and Texas, over 375 team members and 55 million square feet for which it provides management and/or leasing services for more than 100 owner-customers.

What makes it unique, however, is how it has integrated a development and investment platform into its service business. Rather than segregating the two, they chose to fully integrate them to support a strategy that creates a virtuous circle for customers and partners. This circle begins with the services business providing focused and personalized real estate services. They seek to leverage the expertise and relationships that are inherent in having more than 375 real estate professionals in the local markets they serve to identify off-market and advantaged investment opportunities. They do not compete with their customers, but rather invite them to be a part of each investment our client makes – strengthening their relationships and efforts by helping them execute their individual investment strategies. And as those relationships grow, the more service business opportunities they create, allowing the circle to perpetuate once more.

In addition to comprising a regional operating and investment platform with more than $1 billion of assets under management, our client operates a network of more than 85 brokers and 9 Deal Principals embedded throughout the markets. They are active and engaged in their local markets in and through a variety of real estate services and transactions. Unlike other platforms, this affords our client a market perspective that not many others have an opportunity to not just study the markets, but to live them.

Position Description:

The Market Leader is responsible for providing strategy and leadership to build and promote the growth of the Raleigh-Durham market.

REPORTING RELATIONSHIPS: The Market Leader will report to the President of Real Estate Services.

THE TEAM: The Market Leader will lead a team of talented individuals to deliver integrated, innovative, and differentiated solutions for their clients.  While each Market structure varies based on services provided, typically the Market Leader oversees the local brokerage, property management, project management, and support teams.

KEY RESPONSIBILITIES: The Market Leader is accountable for outlining growth priorities and setting the strategic direction of the region in conjunction with platform business line leaders.  The Market Leader utilizes management strengths to influence and integrate the different teams and talent across the market to work in a cohesive way to win more business together.

Primary responsibilities include:


  • Approaches winning in an integrated manner that recognizes opportunities across all business lines
  • Coordinates and demands the best team for winning – including ensuring diverse perspectives are adding value
  • Ensures all support functions are focused and leveraged appropriately
  • Servant-leader who ensures people’s highest priority needs are being served
  • Client facing individual who leads by example in sourcing new business opportunities and strengthening existing client relationships


  • Effectively conveys vision, direction and approach that is clearly understood by all audiences
  • Proactively keeps market employees informed and engaged and provides connection to other markets

Platform Integration

  • Champions our client’s culture and ensures teams are embracing the Company’s Guiding Principles
  • Drives decisions from cross-functional perspectives and integrates across teams and business lines
  • Ensures “tie-breaking” decisions are balanced and unbiased

Strategic Alignment

  • Leverages the Platform-wide Business Lines strategy and platform
  • Develops an overarching roadmap which outlines the plan to establish a market leading position
  • Identifies growth opportunities within market and creates plan to achieve success across all lines of business

Financial Performance

  • Delivers financial performance of year-over-year revenue and profit
  • Growth driver of overall revenue and footprint

The Market Leader will have demonstrated the following competencies:

Client Focus

  • Dedicated to exceeding client expectations by proactively soliciting and responding to feedback from clients
  • Establishes effective relationships with clients that gains their trust and respect

Results Driven

  • Ability to execute against the vision and strategy
  • Measures the relevant data (financial, environmental, performance) and uses the data appropriately to reassess, adjust, expand or curtail
  • Takes corrective action quickly and decisively when performance falls short of expectation or when redirection is required

Natural Coach

  • Clearly establishes performance expectations and goals for employees
  • Provides point in time feedback on performance of employees

Firm Knowledgeable

  • Understand the fundamentals of the investor business and the real estate industry
  • Knows how to navigate the organization to identify experts in client’s products and services


The successful candidate will be results driven, have the ability to execute strategic plans to ensure exceptional delivery, and have the highest ethical standards.  The candidate must possess strong communication skills, the ability to influence others to achieve results and possess the following qualitative skills which are consistent with the company’s critical success factors:

People Leadership – Influence others, engage and inspire, proactive collaboration, build talent, communicate effectively and build relationships

Personal Leadership – Inspire trust and high integrity in teammates

Result Leadership – Ensure execution, drive targeted results, focus on customers and lead courageously

Educational Credentials – This position requires a bachelor’s degree, in addition to a broad range of business experience acquired through previous work experience, an MBA or similar post-graduate studies.


To learn more about this position, contact: Christine Pinkerton | (919) 679-9149 |