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New York, NY

Company Description:

Our client is a mixed-use development and consulting company specializing in large urban projects. They are a multi-faceted group that prides themselves on exploring and solving complex real estate issues. The partners complement each other with deep experience in architecture, real estate finance, and design. The company develops massive, complicated projects for its own account and offers the same development consulting services to others. They have completed over $1B in mixed-use development for their own account and they have actively consulted on real estate projects worth another $10B. The company’s specialty and passion are creating dynamic, award-winning built
environments for residential, retail, office and public uses.

Position Description:


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Create project accounts in the accounting system.
  • Maintain project-related records, including contracts and change orders.
  • Authorize access to project accounts.
  • Authorize the transfer of expenses into and out of project-related accounts.
  • Review and approve supplier invoices related to a project.
  • Review and approve time sheets for work related to a project.
  • Review and approve overhead charges to be applied to a project.
  • Review account totals related to project assets and expenses.
  • Investigate project variances and submit variance reports to management.
  • Confer with receivables staff regarding unpaid contract billings.
  • Report on project profitability to management.
  • Report to management on any opportunities for additional billings.
  • Report to management regarding the remaining funding available for projects.
  • Create or approve all project-related billings to customers.
  • Investigate all project expenses not billed to customers.
  • Respond to requests for more detail from customers.
  • Approve the write-off of any project-related billings that cannot be billed to or collected from customers.
  • Close out project accounts upon project completion.
  • Create and submit government reports and tax returns related to projects.
  • Compile information for internal and external auditors, as required.

To learn more about this position, contact: Margie Arcangelo | (239) 362-1335 |