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Project President



Company Description:

Our client specializes in building luxury residential private club communities and resorts throughout North America. They’ve been recognized as one of the best developers of resort communities by Robb Report Vacation Homes and Luxury Living magazines. With 20 world class projects, they’ve grown to be the premier player in the high-end resort residential niche. Their communities feature distinct architectural styles, world class amenities, and high levels of service.

Position Description:

Person will have total responsibility for this ground-up 1300-acre, 500-unit ultra-luxury Caribbean resort to include homes, clubhouse, restaurants, school, golf course, water and sewer treatment plants and a power plant. Project is now in design development and will include estate homes of over 10,000 sq. ft. Concurrent focus on infrastructure development and organizing workforce housing and transportation.

 Key Relationships

Reports to:

  • Chief Development Officer

Direct reports:

  • Project CFO
  • General Manager, Club Operations
  • Vice President, Development
  • Vice President, Sales

Other key relationships:

  • Development partners
  • Corporate functional leadership including but not limited to: President/ Chief Operating Officer/ Chief Financial Officer/ Chief Construction Officer

 Major Responsibilities: The responsibilities of the Project President include every aspect of the business: club operations, development, marketing, sales, finance, information technology, security and human resources.  The Project President will be responsible for delivering against the strategic objectives and provide management leadership to grow the project and optimize profitability.  Specifically, he/she will be expected to work with and through the management team to:

  • Manage all strategic and day-to-day development and operational aspects of the company with an emphasis on performance improvement, productivity, top-line and bottom-line results, coupled with teamwork and communication at all levels.
  • Develop growth plans to ensure performance of properties and the company — including determining and establishing shared services in marketing, as appropriate, identifying key capabilities required of the organization and building and leading teams to deliver against performance objectives.
  • Identify, develop and sustain key performance metrics for the project, based on sound pro-forma assumptions and identifying trends that could have implications for the business.
  • Work closely with their corporate team and the company’s financial and development partners, and project board members on critical strategic matters and business issues.
  • Energize the senior management team by setting clear objectives, gaining alignment, and re-energizing the organization to drive results.
  • Provide leadership to drive the execution of current business plans to ensure that the company generates year-on-year growth in sales and profits. Creatively execute the vision.

Ideal Experience

  • A proven track record – 10+ years’ experience – with P&L responsibility for an intense business or business unit with scale and complexity; the successful candidate will have significant P&L management experience and full profit and loss responsibility from well-regarded companies or situations within mixed-use real estate development or mixed-use resort hospitality.
  • While all functional backgrounds will be considered, financial acumen demonstrated in roles where he/she participated in development or operations creating accretive shareholder value are highly relevant.
  • Experience with Board of Directors and the investment community.
  • Experience with overseeing initiatives to grow top-line through marketing and sales activities; he/she will have led organizations that have performed to budget – including setting sound pro-formas and measuring ROIs of investments in marketing and capex.
  • Demonstrated keen financial acumen and financial management experience; measure budgets, cashflow, projections and results vs. plan.
  • Demonstrated track record of making capital expenditures with sound decision making and delivering to plan.
  • Experience with complex infrastructure projects (water/power/sewer) and organization and mobilization of workforce housing and transportation. International experience is desired – ability to lead people from different cultures.
  • First-hand experience in effectively dealing with external constituents including banks and investment firms, and majority and minority investors.
  • He/she will have led an organization with a track record of providing direction, making tough decisions, and leading a substantial business to growth and profitability.
  • Professional Qualifications. An undergraduate degree in related disciplines such as business, economics, master planning, combined with an MBA would be ideal.
  • 6-star resort or hospitality experience is preferred.

Critical Capabilities for Success

 Strategic Thinking and Thought Leadership

  • An individual who has demonstrated the ability to articulate a growth strategy, guide the development of operating plans, drive performance and motivate others to achieve results that enhance shareholder value.
  • Defines evolving future of market and contrasts with present using logic and evidence to support business decisions.
  • Revises strategy and proposes new directions for the business linked to the evolving marketplace.
  • Challenges assumptions and conventional wisdom with specific, supported, and reasoned proposals.
  • Able to think about long term (3-5 years) and short-term implications to the business.
  • The ability to quickly grasp the business and economic issues of a situation and develop the best solution; find creative ways to solve complex issues among demanding parties and achieve “win-win” resolutions.
  • Adapts plans and influence strategies to the realities and constraints of the organization by engaging or pushing people in a thoughtful and clearly reasoned way.
  • Able to identify trends and competitive pressures and implications to the business, then create plan and action for the team to address and the organization to prosper.
  • Proven judgment and critical thinking ability are required.
  • Understand the fundamental strategy of integrated business model, including relationship between sales and finance/ sales and construction and sales and operations.

Results Orientation

  • A hands-on player-coach capable of rolling up his/ her sleeves when necessary. A doer.
  • Sets ambitious goals and delivers against them—often exceeding expectations.
  • Enables higher performance by incrementally improving approaches based on calculated risks and benefits.
  • Able to manage ambiguity and obstacles effectively so as to find an optimized solution to serve the business and shareholders.
  • Benchmarks own performance against industry best practices.
  • Proactively seeks to improve processes and implement best in class solutions, raising quality and productivity in a calculated way.
  • Known for decisiveness, action and results.

Interpersonal – Communication and Collaboration

  • Communicates long-term direction and collaborates with team on how to reach goals.
  • Sets up forms or practices to reinforce open communication amount the team members independently.
  • Communicates equally effectively with all organizational levels.
  • complex issues clearly and credibly with widely varied audiences.
  • Handles difficult on-the-spot questions (e.g. from senior executives).
  • Breaks down barriers between team.
  • Facilitates the sharing of expertise and resources.
  • Provides constructive feedback to fellow team members.
  • Seeks ideas and input from colleagues in own and other teams to make best use of expertise and improve performance.
  • Recognizes conflicts that arise within the team and acts to bring these out into the open.
  • Facilitates collaboration across teams to achieve broader goals.

People Leadership

  • Experience identifying and building team capabilities to deliver desired performance.
  • Proven ability to motivate others to execute the vision
  • Leadership expertise in providing a vision for what has to be done, winning the support to execute the vision and managing to achieve business objectives.
  • Communicates long-term direction and collaborates with team on how to accomplish these objectives.
  • Delegates projects to the whole team with clear and explicit intent; knows precise level of challenge and how team members will handle it.
  • Sets up forums or practices to reinforce open communication among the team members independently.
  • Credibility and gravitas to manage up to a Board of Directors, out to the investment community and down to the organization.
  • Identifies, recruits, and develops great talent.
  • Develop next layer of management talent as part of succession planning.
  • Mentors and coaches’ teams, identifying areas for improvement and how to get there; especially understands and balances the difference between mentoring and coaching versus advocacy and sponsorship.

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