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Acquisitions/Investments Executive


Houston, TX

Company Description:

Our Client is focused on the development, acquisition and management of industrial property and transportation infrastructure that enhances business and government supply chain efficiency. The company invests in major coastal and inland port logistics markets anchoring North America’s principal freight lanes. Their portfolio includes over 60 million square feet nationally.

Position Description:


ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: Formulates, recommends and implements investment strategy for the region. Directs and coordinates broad activities toward achieving organizational objectives in accordance with company policies.


  • Thoroughly understands the dynamics of the market that are relevant to the successful execution of the company’s strategy and the business plan for each regional investment, including market characteristics, trends and participants.
  • Partners with other members of the regional team in the origination, vetting, underwriting, due diligence investigation and presentation for approval of investments to the Investment Committee and, if necessary, the Board of Trustees.
  • Responsible for  managing  the  execution  of  acquisition  transactions  by  the  Vice  President, Investments.
  • Sources quality development opportunities and provides transaction details to development team.
  • Assists with  the  identification  of  real  estate  acquisition  and  disposition  opportunities,  utilizing networks and prospects through direct contact with tenants, property owners, brokers, developers and other real estate related professionals.
  • Assists the Chief Investment Officer in preparing short and long-range plans. Ensures that budgeted goals are achieved and cost objectives are met.
  • Hires and monitors efforts of brokers to assist in opportunity creation and transaction closure.
  • Networks and prospects for investment and development opportunities through direct contact with the tenant, competitor, brokerage and development communities.
  • Coordinates transactions including monitoring the due diligence and approval processes.
  • Presents oral and written presentations of transactions before the Investment Committee, Asset Allocation Committee and Board of Trustees.
  • Screens, underwrites and structures acquisition deals that meet company investment objectives.
  • Ensures a smooth transition of the investment asset to property operations.
  • Develops  and  maintains  external  relationships  appropriate  to  the  successful  execution  of  the company’s strategy and the business plan for investments.
  • Pursues self-development training as directed by the Chief Investment Officer.
  • Effectively develops and manages staff to successfully discharge assigned responsibilities:
  • Complies with performance evaluation, personnel development, and other processes established by the Human Resources department;
  • Promotes the training and development of current employees;
  • Participates in the establishment of strategic objectives to ensure direct alignment with department goals;
  • Acts in accordance with the values of the company and observes the work principles and guidelines for communication set forth in “Who We Are.”
  • Complies with all company processes and procedures.
  • Completes other duties as assigned by the Chief Investment Officer.


  • Bachelor’s degree in related field; Master’s degree preferred
  • 5-15 years of established real estate transactional experience and technical commercial/industrial real estate knowledge, demonstrating superior:
  • Initiative and commitment to excellence
  • Extensive leasing experience
  • Analytical ability and sound judgment
  • Financial acumen
  • Negotiation skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Written and oral communication ability
  • Excellent organization
  • Ability to build strong and collaborative relationships
  • Ability to lead and manage others
  • Absolute integrity
  • Strong knowledge in industrial development
  • Strong reputation with the broker community and well respected in the industry
  • Comfortable with computers and proficient in standard corporate operating systems and software
  • Analytical and  technical  proficiency  in  all  aspects  of  investment  acquisitions  and  deal  making, including financial analysis, is required
  • Ability to  manage  elevated  stress  levels  periodically;  can  work  under  an  active  and  intense environment
  • Is physically capable of climbing structures and ladders and can survey building systems as well as face other environmental issues as they arise throughout the year
  • Flexible with respect to work schedule; able to travel weekly or when needed

To learn more about this position, contact: David Fischer | (770) 727-0299 |